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 Great. The Sewers. (Open)

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Great. The Sewers. (Open) Empty
PostSubject: Great. The Sewers. (Open)   Great. The Sewers. (Open) EmptyFri Jul 20, 2012 10:21 pm

So, it had been a few days by now. Babydoll had been out and about, and wanted to check out the sewers. She remembered she used to go to underground parties in the sewers. They were hella fun, too. But now there were some zombies around, all seemed to be chasing mice and other shit inside of this smelly-ass place. She moved her shirt up to go and cover her mouth, so she wouldn't have to smell all the dead things and shit.

"I thought it would be pretty exciting here in a sewer. Though I don't know how to get out after moving that heavy-ass man hole." She shrugged her shoulders and began to walk. She didn't expect anyone to be down here, besides the undead.
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Great. The Sewers. (Open)
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