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 Angel Bain

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Infectious Bite
Infectious Bite

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PostSubject: Re: Angel Bain   Angel Bain EmptyThu Jul 19, 2012 11:26 pm

Approved, baby doll. Wanna roleplay now? Cause we all know who's right for Lexi... c;


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PostSubject: Angel Bain   Angel Bain EmptyThu Jul 19, 2012 10:57 pm

Name: Angel Bain
Nickname: Babydoll
Age: 23
Race: Human

Personality: She's more of a bad ass then most, and never loses a fight. That Lexi girl learned that one well. As soon as she's close to someone, extremely close, she'll take good fucking care of them. Though she swears like a sailor when she wants. She can be very nice and caring once you know her, and she has never had a big interest in dating, which means she's never had a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Don't worry, she's not a virgin. Not sense she was 16, anyway. That's when she started being a not-caring, this is about me, cocky, uncaring, I like piercings and scares type of girl. Sometimes she's willing to help, but don't ask for it or you'll be left hanging.

Pre Apocalyptic Life: Well, before all of this bull shit zombie stuff happened, ______ was normally out and about. She had gotten into a fight, though, with this girl. Lexi. They had met in an underground party. One of those things your parents never want you to know about because of all the sex and drugs. Ha ha. Soon enough they had bumped into each other, and sense ____ is how she is, started a fight. Soon enough that Lexi girl was down and out, while _____ had put her cigarette out on this weak, lame ass girl's arm. Right at the bend of it. Actually she had been in loads of fights, but managed to make it seem like she wasn't the one to start them so never had anything to handle like the cops. Ha ha.

She wasn't nice to people she wasn't extremely close to. That was about a day before all this shit happened. The day it did happen, she was just getting out of bed, throwing on some clothes over her bra and panties. She heard a lot of noise outside her apartment and down the stairs, and grabbed her metal bat, which she has hit her father with by accident five times when he would visit, and went to check it out. Her sister, Buu, lived right across from her. Sadly, that was the first one she had to kill. Being so fucking close to her, that killed her and for about three hours she went on a rampage. Woo.

Post Apocalyptic Life: Now, she has gotten over her sister's death, and went out to explore. For the time being, she has her metal bat and this big ass knife she stole from an empty store. No one was there and zombies were about, why would she pay?

Physical Description: Well, I dunno what to put here but hey, she's got some snake bites and a big scar on the right side of her forehead, from the top of her eye into her hair line. She has a beret there, holding her hair back so nothing bothers that scar. She got that in a fight over a TV controller. She has scars all over, mostly on her back and her sides from knife fights, and being attacked by people with knifes, whom she later beat to near death.
Build: Average with some muscle.
Weight: 130 lbs
Height: 5'6
Hair: Short, messy, dark brown
Eyes: Bright bright blue

Clothing Description : Normally a grey shirt with a black hoodie which hides her breasts, bright red shorts or else torn black skinny jeans with two belts, one around her waist, the other hanging off her left hip

Upper Body: Grey shirt, black hoodie over
Lower Body: Bright red shorts, other wise torn black skinny jeans and two belts, one around, one on her left hip, convers

Uh, yeah.



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Angel Bain
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