Quick, we're gathering all the survivors onto this site! The Zombie Apocolapse has broken through and now it's YOUR job to choose to be either a zombie or a human on this roleplay site!
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PostSubject: Quick, Click Here!   Quick, Click Here! EmptySun Jul 15, 2012 4:50 am

Rule 1) No hate: This is a space for those looking to relax, destress, have fun, or simply looking to be creative. What it is not a place for is Hate. Knocking someone for their gender, race, age, or sexual preference, will not be tolerated. General bashing will not be accepted as well.

Rule 2) Fighting: In a fight, you may not say you directly damage someone. You may say you attempt an attack and it will be up to your opponent to either take the hit or think of a cleaver way to counter. Godmodding will not be tolerated. You can not ecsape every attack and hit every time. You cannot spam attacks with consequence, and you cannot simply direct attack anyone. Metagaming, or knowing everything about another character is also not allowed. You may know some basic info about another character from a rumor, or if you come from the same Place but that's it

Rule 3) Abilities: Remember, as a human, you are bound to human limits. There are no superheros here, just regular humans with normal human limits. Abilities are there to give you a slight advantage, not to help you become superman. So, while making human characters, remember that you're only human. Zombie characters on the other hand may have special abilities (superpowers), which must be approved by an admin or mod before you may use it.

Rule 4) Approval: All custom characters, weapons, and armor, must be approved by at least one admin/mod. Your posts will be deleted if you simply start to use them without proper approval.

Rule 5) Rping: Please make sure that turns are followed in rps. It can become confusing for all involved, simply by skipping turns. Before starting an rp organize the turns, or use the 'First come first post' method. If a post is labelled private, and you are not one of the people who are in the rp, do not post in them.

Rule 6) Here are the rules for any type of smut or mature roleplay: If you want to, you must PM me with the details, ask polietly, give me the plot of the story, and tell me where the zombies come in. I will not allow you to just have a smut roleplay with no zombies. Please refrain to rule 9 as to why. You may have a M roleplay every other roleplay. No possible M. It's either M or not. If you make an M topic, I will delete it, and PM you why I did. I know these rules may seem unfair but this is a ZOMBIE APOCOLAPSE roleplay site and I don't think a lot of people would have the time for sex. But for you, I'm allowing it on special terms. Please accept that and respect the rules. I don't wanna be hated on either Sad

Rule 7) No killing off characters unless YOU ASK THEM. Zombies, do not infect a human char unless they ask for it, and hold off on your hunger to ask polietly. Humans, only kill zombie chars if it is asked.

Rule Cool No military people, or navy seals or black ops or special people. If you wanted to be a former of that person, PM the Admin first, asking permission, and it must be atleast 10 years since they've last had that job. If your father or mother trained you themselves because they were in the military, then it must be 5 years ago that it happened. I will allow only a few acceptions, but please come to me, the Admin, through PM, or if you have my skype, that might be faster. And then we'll talk it out on conditions.

Rule 9) Every roleplay must have atleast 100 zombies taken action in it. Why, you ask? Because, this is a zombie apocolapse roleplay site. I'm not letting roleplays with only a few zombies happen because that seems like godmodding in itself. There's a lot of people in the US, there will be a lot of zombie action. Even in the country. But I will allow acceptions in the country, to being only allowed 75 zombies.

Rule 10) Enjoy your time and have fun! Look, there's one right behind you!!
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